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Are you up for the challenge?


is a

Ministry Partner?

A Ministry Partner is a person who commit themselves to you and the vision God has given. They feel part of what you are doing. They are willing to commit their time, money, and prayer, to seeing your God-given vision fulfilled.

WHY are Ministry Partners needed? Ministry Partners are needed to assist the pastor in successfully fulfilling the work of the ministry. Throughout the Bible there are many accounts of people with partners and in some cases, those partners ended up being successors. Moses had Aaron and Jethro for a season until he had a successor, Joshua. Jesus did not tackle ministry all by himself either, he had the disciples, from which he gained an approved inner circle.   Prov. 27:17 “Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.”

NOT only do Ministry Partners serve as laymen but peers , due to their integrity, spiritual maturity and moral accountability. They become as a moral support to the pastors, strengthening their arms so they are not faint in what sometimes appears to be an upward battle. Pastors need to be encouraged and assisted by word-filled, prayed up, committed servant leaders. If this describes you, you are needed at Grace and Compassion Ministries, now!

As a Ministry Partner at GACM yo u may be asked to clean or straighten up an area, sacrifice a Saturday for evangelism (street ministry or outreach ministry) a Sunday to attend a service once per quarter, to  sow a financial seed ,  or to  read a scripture, lead intercessory prayer, or teach a class. If so, our question to you is, "Are you up for the challenge?"

Please consider being a Ministry Partner with us. There are souls that are waiting to be reached and we need you to help reach them.

Always God first,

Pastors Paul and Carlitha Dulin

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