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Intercession is Vital.

At GACM, prayer is at the core of everything that we embark upon.  Wednesday at noon and Sunday morning prayer services lay the foundation for everything else that happens here, hence the demonstration of God's Spirit and Power.  Our children love to participate in prayer knowing that the Lord hears them too, Matt. 19:14 .

Do you or someone you know need special prayer?  

Submit your request via the Prayer Request form, drop a prayer request card in the offering plate, or call the Church Office during business hours.

Our intercessors will be praying at home and for all the names.

Military, Police & Fire Department Personnel and all Leaders

We want to pray for those in the military, law enforcement, fire department, and all leaders. If you know of someone that is currently serving, please contact us using the Prayer Request Form. Our intercessors will be praying at home, and we will be praying for them all, calling them by name during our prayer services,  1Tim 2:1-4 .

Spanish Interpreter available  

Just click   contact  and complete the f orm.  You will be contacted within 

24-48 hours or you can call the number below for assistance.

You may call the Church Office at 980.498.5509 during business hours, and a pastor will be available to pray with you over the telephone.

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